Satellite Communication on Boat, How to Subscribe the Affordable One

satellite single beam coverage

We are going to elaborate you on how to obtain affordable satellite communication (internet plan) for boat. One of them is by using our service, Ksinergi Indonesia marine service. It is a domestic internet satellite communication service which become a new trend for boat that sail on Indonesia area only. Currently our service only available for Indonesia area.

Why You Should Use Satellite for Boat Communication System?

Its the solution to get internet access on the moving boat easily, uninterrupted, independent, anywhere (within service coverage). The only reason why you should have satellite communication on boat is its vast accessibility. You can use satellite internet if you are living somewhere remote for work. That being said, if your area does not have any access to DSL or cable internet service, this one should do the trick, including in this case is a moving boat offshore or high seas. Satellite internet can also be considered as the best option for it.

It also work for VPN service or one might familiar call it as public IP. It work with this internet option even though VPN mostly require a stable connection (means stable ping latency). This is why you need to concern on the stability of your bandwidth latency.

Are there any cons that come along with satellite internet?

Of course, along with its pros, there are cons coming along. The bad side of satellite communication on boat is mentioned as follows:

  • Since the signal is transmitted directly to the space dish and goes back and forth without any medium, it makes the connection more prone to weather effect. If the weather goes bad, such as strong wind or rain storm, the internet connection will be most likely to be ruined.
  • Even some minor obstructions will ruin the connection because your dish needs to receive a clear signal without any hindrances. It will work perfectly in marine environment where no obstacle challenges.
  • You may expect it to be more expensive, but with lower speed. It is even more expensive if you subscribe to a roaming satellite internet service plan, which will be elaborated later. However, if you need it urgently, you will end up taking the plan anyway.
  • Satellite internet has poor latency compare to fiber or GSM connection due to frequency travel distance. The connection has to be stable between 600-700ms in order to be considered high reliability network.
  • Usually, the bandwidth is pretty limited as well. You might expect it comes in a quota plan.

So, that’s the basic information you should know about mobile satellite internet. Will it be beneficial for you? Well, the answer really depends to your need. If you are working in a remote area like an offshore or high seas, then setting this will be beneficial for you, despite the price which is way more expensive, which we will uncover later on how to smartly choose the affordable one.

What You Need to Know about Satellite Communication Equipment

You may wonder how marine army or anyone working on a ship got their internet signal then the internet services to send emails or updates their daily stories through social media. Well, it is a common mistake that being miles away from the land means internet cannot be used anymore. If there’s such thing, yacht passengers will not be able to enjoy internet while onboard. The signal transmitted directly from satellite, and the signal comes with the internet (data in internet protocol). Aside from providing entertainment, satellite communication on boat use widely for navigation purposes. One of the tools that have a big role in this satellite communication service is stabilized antenna. Wondering what stabilized antenna and how it can track the satellite while on a moving boat? Here’s the explanation.

Stabilized Antenna for Boat Satellite Communication System: What It Is and How It Works?


Before getting further, it is best to know what stabilized antenna for boat communication system is. To understand it, let’s try to understand it with this simple approach.

We know the boats, ships, or any maritime vehicles are moving up and down according to the sea waves. This dynamic movement is a serious problem when it comes to transmit and receive data through the satellite-based internet connection. Besides, the waves may cause a sudden direction change, which may result in data from the satellite being missing pointed.

Since you can lean only on the satellite connection, the data transmitted is more prone to be an unstable one. This will be more visible in extreme weather times.

Why does stabilized antenna matter?

Satellite-based internet is the mostly used mode of providing internet on ships. Being on the sea means there would be no towers nor fiber optic cables that would ensure you a better, stabilized internet connection.

As a replacement, there is this stabilized antenna for boat communication system. This hardware is installed so that the ship/boat boarders will be ensured of stable connection. This way, you can use internet to download or upload information smoothly since the unstable connection is minimized.

Where to get this stabilized antenna?

Well, there are many companies offering their stabilized antenna. You can simply find it out in the internet by typing in related keyword. Stabilized antenna usually comes with its satellite internet plan. Before acquiring one you need to check its coverage and it should be no problem providing service on your boat’s specific route, whether your route considered to be a domestic route (within a country) or international roaming route.

about Satellite coverage : One Beam Satellite Coverage usually fitted to one country in order to local satellite service provider can provide their service to customers located in that country. Like our sevice, the Ksinergi Indonesia marine service which covers specifically Indonesia area including all its maritime area in a single beam (no open amip satellite modem required, therefore more affordable and reliable service). You can also check EIRP and G/T data of the satellite being used in order to calculate how low the signal will drop in case of bad weather condition and how high the signal can be in clear sky.

How does this type of antenna work?

Just like its name, stabilized antenna for boat satellite communication system works simply by preventing the antenna from any friction and miss pointing. Stabilized antenna means it is put in more balance, ensuring it to face directly the satellite where it obtains the data from. 

Stabilized antenna also works by locating the satellite location in a minimum amount of time. When the boat changes direction, it ensures you to relocate the satellite pretty quickly, so that the connection can be more stable. 

How much stabilized antenna cost?

If you are working on boat and being in dire need to stabilized antenna for your boat, you may consider preparing some investment. This hardware costs vary from one company to another depending on several factors, such as:

  • The antenna size, the bigger size usually will cost you more
  • The satellite modem and other hardware specification e.g. open amip for roaming feature in the satellite modem
  • Internet speed desired or needed for requested application
  • Service coverage. More countries within a single route, the wider the service coverage you should choose (you may need satellite modem with open amip feature and roaming satellites service). But for boats travel within a country you do not need high spec satellite modem and roaming satellite service. It usually called boat with a domestic route which automatically has more affordable monthly internet service plan.
  • Intended internet usage (What does the internet is used for? Determine whether it is for navigation, providing entertainment for the boarders, or such).
  • Lastly, the hardware cost itself plays a big role. Not to forget, its installation process costs different price. Since it is done only by professional, you may expect it to be costly.

Afterall, having stabilized antenna for boat WiFi internet system is an important aspect when providing satellite-based internet connection. It may cost a lot of money, but if your boat is used for cruising, it is a great investment. Having a deep understanding about this matter is important before you decide on purchasing one.

How do you get affordable internet plan on boat

In conclusion Satellite that covers one wide area and a modem that does not require open amip feature is the key. No roaming, so it automatically has more affordable price. Ask if there is any service plan specifically fit to your route.

The hardware and network needed to provide internet service for a boat in a single route (one small region/area) does not require what is called open Amip feature in its satellite modem. Open Amip in this case only needed by the ACU (antenna control unit) because there will be no roaming needed. Roaming is a additional cost that happen due to service provider need to use different satellite and terminal link due to coverage limitation of a satellite and terminal link. It is also part of business model of what customers they are targeting. We launch ksinergi Indonesia marine service for boats that has domestic route (within Indonesia area). It is the latest technological advantage, more affordable and smarter investment for any domestic route vessel.