Boat CCTV Online, The Helpful Tips to Acquire The Best System

boat CCTV online

Plenty of things might make your boat tempting for theft acts, such as expensive items, open hatches, not to mention absent owners. According to the statistic, in 2016 alone, more than 5,100 watercrafts were stolen in the U.S. One of the most practical precaution solutions you may take is by purchasing and installing boat CCTV online system.

Aside from making sure of the vessel safety, setting security cameras for boat can help to constantly monitor the room of engine, and show the view of machinery, equipment, and people working on the dock. Here is some things worth to consider if you’re planning to purchase boat CCTV online system.

What to Consider Before Buying Boat CCTV Online

The Quality

As there is a wide range of boat CCTV online system options in the market, it gives you benefit to find and select a good marine security camera with the best quality with reasonable price.

The most used method to find a solid one is probably by going with a well-known brand in the industry with huge user base. As an additional reference, it might also help to read online users’ reviews first in order to estimate about the reliability and the quality of the security camera in advance.

Night Vision Ability

Most crime acts happen at night where there is a decreased volume of traffic. This is why selecting a security camera system with night vision capability or infrared camera is an essential factor to include.

It is worth to note as well that CCTV system with higher resolution will provide you better captures of images or videos, for example, 1080p and 1440p boat security camera compared to 720p cameras.

Satellite Communication Equipment and The Minimum Internet Speed

The chance of the boat owner leaving near the marina is on the lower side. If that applies to you as well, then it must be impractical to check your boat on a daily or more frequent basis. Luckily, this shouldn’t be much of a problem if you have satellite communication equipment and satellite internet service along with CCTV online system on your boat. They allow you to keep track of what happens on your boat anywhere, as long as you are connected to the internet, including from home or office. 

You should then know how to choose your internet speed. For a standard CCTV image which is around 192KB size, it will only take less than 30s to send 1 image when you have 64Kbps upload speed (CIR). for your information 1 KB is equal to 8 Kb. Therefore by choosing an internet package that has speed up to 512 Kbps will be enough (with CIR: 64Kbps). Images from CCTV snapshots could take turns to be sent that show how you can optimize more affordable internet package using a certain software.

Our service include this feature of this software along with automatic folder creation on targeted server, so your CCTV images will be automatically grouped on date-based folder. In summary up to 2Mbps package (with upload speed : up to 512Kbps) should be enough to automatically send CCTV snapshot image anytime. If you need to do livestream access to your CCTV you might need bigger upload speed, based on our experience dedicated of 1Mbps upload speed (internet access at boat) enough for HD live stream.

Angle of View

Does your boat have a large area to be monitored? If yes, then you should place a concern over the security camera’s viewing angles. There is a feature of CCTV cameras that lets you gain 360-degree panoramic view such as a pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera.

A lot of security camera brands nowadays come with this advantageous feature. However, if this isn’t included in the list of your option, then you may opt to buy multiple marine security cameras to meet with the bigger viewing angle requirement.

Specific Needs of Boat CCTV Online

There are a myriad of boat CCTV system options that are built and designed to cater to different needs of the users. For example, you can get a wireless camera security system so you won’t have to run the expensive purchase and hard to install wires on the boat. Another example is to pick weather resistant camera systems or gas-explosion-proof cameras for rough marine circumstances.

Recording Capacity

By having recorded videos from the boat camera security system, you can view the monitored scene later. You can find CCTV camera models with built-in slots for SD cards, so it is capable of storing the videos in the inputted memory card. The videos can be played back on other devices such as PC or smartphone when the SD card is being taken out, as well as being backed up to the other device.

You can also use this feature to do snapshot. snapshot images will require less bandwidth if let say, you need it to be sent regularly via satellite internet.

Finding the right boat CCTV system shouldn’t be difficult when you take these considerations above into your account. The general conclusion is to pick a security camera that’s suitable for the boat or marine environment, as well as installing the infrastructure properly and at the right location.

Understanding Maritime VSAT System The Equipment for Satellite Communication 

Do you ever wonder how people are accessing the internet when they are having holiday on a ship? Well, it turns out that ship owns a system which enables the boarders to get the connection. This system is called a Maritime VSAT system that’s enabled not only in navy ships, but also passengers’ ones, although the use is pretty rare. What system is it exactly and how does it work to provide onboard people the service they want? Just read the information in this article below.

Understanding Maritime VSAT System


Before getting any further, what is the Maritime VSAT System, anyway? Maritime VSAT, which stands for Very-Small-Aperture Terminal, is a system that uses satellites to provide two-way communication for the ships. VSAT system basically can be used in any situation, and oftentimes to provide connectivity for harsh environments. One of them is ships since there is no tower located on the sea, and fiber optic cable will not be able to provide connectivity for such a moving vehicle. 

Why is it important?

Besides the internet, maritime VSAT also provides data and telephony connections. It is designed mainly to serve rural and remote areas as it is generally unreachable with the commonly-used fiber optic. 

Now, why is it important? Such communication methods (internet and telephone) are indeed important because the internet is also used in navigation. Aside from it, there are various reasons why onboard connectivity is somehow crucial to provide, ranging from ensuring the crew’s welfare, providing quick safety access, keeping the onboard crew updated with the recent issue, and providing headquarters with up to date/real time Boat CCTV Online snapshot images.

What components are there and how does this system work?

In the general market, the Maritime VSAT system will be delivered in the form of a package. This simply means it includes several components, such as satellite space segment and internet services, as well as its complementary equipment that enables the system to run smoothly.

There are two parts of this system:

Above Deck Unit (ADU)

This unit is placed outdoors, but typically located inside a dome. For this unit, the components are transceiver and antenna.

A stabilized antenna is usually also offered. This type of antenna is essential as the position of ships is always moving. This antenna will work by preventing the ships from getting miss pointing and ‘friction’ while performing two-way satellite communication. It ensures you to quickly relocate the satellite anytime the position changes due to the vessel’s movement. By doing that, the connection provided will be more stable.

Below Deck Unit (BDU)

Unlike ADU, this part is indoors and used to control the antenna.

It include Antenna control unit, Satellite Internet Modem and router or access point. Antenna control unit also provide information where the ship is located and it tells the satellite internet modem to keep updating the HUB system regarding their time-slot and therefore keep connected to the internet. Nowadays this ACU already has open-amip features that used to be embed in the satellite internet modem. It makes the whole system keep reliable and because it no longer need open-Amip modem the system will definitely has a lower price.

Where to get the VSAT System?

There are various companies offering internet maritime VSAT systems. It is only the matter of smart choosing, so you can get the best provider for the ship. There are many Maritime VSAT systems that is proven to have cost effective with low maintenance cost.

If you are a boat owner that needs this system, it will be a great move to call any service provider for it. The budgets you need vary from one provider to another, but in general, it really depends on several factors, such as the antenna size (the bigger your vehicle, the more amount of money you should spend), the bandwidth you want for the boat/ship, the intended usage of VSAT and the VSAT hardware costs itself. We provide latest Maritime VSAT equipment the one that has open-amip feature on ACU device, this technological-edge therefore brings a better price. Also if you need CCTV online service we have a whole full package from the CCTV equipment, maritime VSAT system and its satellite internet package. Our satellite internet service supported by 24/7 NOC team and field engineer to do on call maintenance whenever is needed.

So, that is information you need to know about the maritime VSAT system. To sum it up, it is a useful system to provide onboard connectivity. If you are planning to make the ship for cruising, installing the system is definitely a worthy investment. Make sure you have an adequate understanding about this system before purchasing it.

4 Aspects You Should Know Before Subscribing to Mobile Satellite Internet Service Including The Minimum Internet Speed for Your Online Boat CCTV Online System

Have you ever thought to work without the internet in such modern days like now? Well, it is almost impossible. Even when you are working in a remote area or in the ships, it is great to have access to the internet. Hence, that’s why you need to have a mobile satellite internet. This system will provide internet service in which you can be connected anywhere as long as you pay for the package plan.

Getting to Know about Mobile Satellite Internet

Mobile satellite internet is not something new for us. It gets more and more popular since people have higher mobility due to their business. This kind of internet service is said to be beneficial, especially for those who are working or living in a remote area or even in the ships.

What is satellite internet?

Talking about the internet, satellite internet is one of two options of internet connection options. You may have known dialup internet connection, and satellite internet comes as an alternative for those who need internet, but their condition makes it impossible for dialup internet to get their back.

How does satellite internet work, and what speed best for you?

Satellite internet involves three satellite equipment that work to provide wireless connection. One dish is located in the hub of ISP (Internet Service Providers), another one is attached on your property, and the last one is in space. 

If you are getting mobile satellite internet, the disk is movable. Aside from the disks, the hardware that comes along with the plan is cables to connect your modem and dish, and the modem itself. 

As all the components have been connected, the service provider will send you the internet signal. The first dish to receive is the one in space then it relays the signal to you. Such connection will be done any time you send a request, for instances downloading emails, streaming videos, etc.

You should choose the perfect internet speed for you, for example if you use this internet to support Boat CCTV Online on boat then you should consider upload speed up to 512Kbps or more. With 64Kbps CIR internet speed you could send 1 snapshot image which typically size at 192KB for less than 30s. These images could be sent one by one and therefore make more efficient bandwidth usage. Please consider subscribe to internet service that has minimum committed speed or CIR (committed information rate) so you could make sure the calculation based on your case.

Why should you use mobile satellite internet, which areas are covered and not covered ?

The only reason why you should have mobile satellite internet is its vast accessibility. You can use satellite internet if you are living somewhere remote for work. That being said, if your area does not have any access to DSL or cable internet service, this one should do the trick. Satellite internet can also be considered as a faster option for this.

For Indonesia route vessel or boat, it will be sufficient to subscribe internet package that only cover Indonesia maritime area. Like our service that use Asiasat 9 satellite, our service only cover indonesia therefore become more cost effective for our customers.

Are there any cons that come along with satellite internet?

Of course, along with its pros, there are cons coming along. The bad side of mobile satellite internet is mentioned as follows:

More Prone to Weather Effect

Since the signal is transmitted directly to the space dish and goes back and forth without any medium, it makes the connection more prone to weather effects. If the weather goes bad, such as a strong wind or rain storm, the internet connection will be most likely to be ruined.

Should be Clear From Any Minor Obstruction

Even some minor obstructions will ruin the connection because your dish needs to receive a clear signal without any hindrances.

Expensive, but Rather Slow Compare to Fiber Optic Connection

You may expect it to be more expensive, but with lower speed. However, if you need it urgently, you will end up taking the plan anyway.

Higher Latency

Latency play the big role in uploading data and overall quality of your network. You should pay more attention to the latency stability before agree that the installation has completed even if the internet already accessible (online).

Bandwidth is Pretty Limited

Usually, the bandwidth is pretty limited. It is due to limitation of satellite transponder capacity.

So, that’s the basic information you should know about mobile satellite internet. Will it be beneficial for you? Well, the answer really depends on your need. If you are working in a remote area, then setting this will be beneficial for you, despite the price which is way more expensive.