Easy Pointing

Asiasat 9 KU Indonesia Beam. Located at 122° East, make it so easy to pointing in installation process. There will be less to none obstacle issue.

SLA higher than 99.5%.

The data shown proves SLA of Karunia Sinergi Ku VSAT is higher than 99.5%

Quick and Accurate Support

Our support will response less than 30 minutes, and do troubleshooting immediately.

MRTG Report

Monthly MRTG report will be provided.

More Robust, Less Weather Sensitive

Up Link Power Control (ULPC) automate the power adjustment when necessary.

Proven Equipment for High Reliability Network, Anywhere

Through innovation and partnership, Karunia Sinergi VSAT Ku offer you high reliability network with affordable customer-premise equipment. For you be able to use even C-Band equipment for VSAT Ku service, we customized our Ku transceiver so it can fit to C Band dish. Karunia Sinergi wants to keep providing solution to the rural area in Indonesia, so it can has continuous improvement of its internet quality and speed. Having dual system for a redundant network system is the solution to have better network reliability. Karunia Sinergi VSAT Ku is the solution for dual redundant system for your connectivity and optimize C Band unused equipment.

High Quality Affordable Equipment

1 year and shipping warranty for VSAT Ku equipment. Karunia Sinergi VSAT Ku equipment has been proven for almost a decade and brings high reliability until the most remote and rural area.

Stable Latency

Low and stable latency without sudden spike. The internet speed always above CIR (commited information rate) dan reach MIR (maximum information rate) in none peak hour time. We also offer priority feature such as CBR (CBR: constant bit rate).

High SLA

SLA that higher than 99,5% and strong received/transmit signals makes Karunia Sinergi Ku the best options for your dual redundant link.

Great Price!

We offer financial solution for our customer to start with us. Installment and partnership options are available for you with Sinergi Partnership Program.