Newtec MDM2510 IP Satellite Modem

MF-TDMA 64APSK Modulation

Max upload = 20Mbps

Max download = 120Mbps

± 600ms Latency

KA-Band Real Broadband Internet!

KA Band Fast and Stable.
The Real Broadband Internet

KA Band network speed and stability depend on its signal power, MODCOD, datarate and dish size, similar to network on Ku Band. KA Band frequency is far above Ku Band, which makes network at KA Band is more weather-sensitive than at Ku Band ;toward rain and cloud. We choose Kacific as the satellite that can bring the best and most promising performance for land site VSAT in Indonesia. Our network latency keep on checked around 600 ms as we are supported with latest hardware and software from Newtec MDM2510 modem. Its adaptive coding, and signal modulation can reduce exposure in KA frequency.

VSAT KA Band Ku Band

KA Band System Equipment

Using higher frequency compare with other geostationary satellite, KA Band satellite need to be supported with high precision of customer-premises equipment. Dish by Azureshine , Transceiver by Anatel, and IP Modem by Newtec are the best equipment for this requirement.

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Installed VSAT

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Mbps / VSAT terminal

High Quality Equipment for Broadband Internet Solution, Anywhere

Through innovation and partnership, Karunia Sinergi VSAT offer you great quality of customer-premise equipment. Karunia Sinergi wants to keep providing solution to the rural area in Indonesia, so it can has continuous improvement of its internet quality and speed. This service can be categorized as real broadband internet connection (minimum of 25Mbps download speed). It means ,right now, rural area can also leverage from broadband internet connection. To help them grow, solve their poor internet connection and even for better education.

Hgh Quality VSAT Equipment

Guarantee until the equipment online, each equipment technology we acquire already pass several test scenario, similar to remote condition in Indonesia.

Small Latency

Lower and stable latency without any spike.

High Speed Internet

Guarantee speed above committed information rate (CIR) value at peak time. Even higher and near maximum information rate (MIR) when non peak time. Priority traffic for customer with dedicated service, including constant bit rate (CBR) for constant and priority traffic to directed server.

Great Price!

We offer financial solution for our customer to start with us. Installment and partnership options are available for you with Sinergi Partnership Program.